My Own Personal Rain Cloud

on Saturday, July, 28 2012 @ 10:51:28 pm (221 words)
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This evening when the shade had moved onto the front garden, I ventured out to water the flower beds since it seems I am not going to get a decent rain any time soon. This has been a hot, humid, and dry summer. When I finished watering the front garden I decided to get the grass mower out; not one of the fancy ones that you ride but one you walk behind and push, and cut the grass in the front garden before continuing watering the flower beds. Not long after I started cutting the grass, a rain cloud formed overhead. I was not worried about it raining of course and continued to cut the grass. However, the cloud started raining on me and the longer I tried to continue to cut the grass the harder the rain started to come down. I could look around and see blue skies all around the cloud that was just over my house. I was going to just ignore the rain but I was starting to get very wet. Finally I decided that I had to stop or I would be soaking wet. Of course the rain was short lived, I wouldn't have mind the cloud interrupting my grass cutting job if it had dumped an inch or two of rain on my gardens.

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