October Man

on Sunday, October, 17 2021 @ 06:50:00 pm (38 words)
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One of the things I do for fun is to build an October Man. It is part autumn and part Halloween fun. I thought I would share this year's creation. He is standing guard at the side entrance.


Planting Black-eyed Peas

on Wednesday, April, 29 2020 @ 05:42:00 am (291 words)
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I went down to the little valley and planted a row of blue lake bush green beans and a row of black-eyed peas.  I don't have a photo of the green beans but they are planted the same as the black-eyed peas.  Evidently there was a run on black-eyed peas as I had a difficult time finding them in the market.  Dried peas you find in the grocer are the same as the ones you will find in the farm centre and they are a lot cheaper in the grocer; or they use to be as I ended up paying double the price as I normally pay.  I visited several dollar stores and they were all sold out of the black-eyed peas.  The garden needed a good discing but that won't happen since The Old Girl is still out of commission.  I used a rake to prepare the row.  Planting black-eyed peas is very easy.  Open up a row and then add in some 10-10-10 fertiliser.  Mix the fertiliser into the soil before sowing the peas.  I plant a lot of seeds; in this case about 227 grams or 1/2 pound, sowing them thick in the row.  The idea is that I want to get a good stand and not end up with a lot of gaps in the row.  Black-eyed peas can be allowed to sprawl on the ground or you can do as I do and plant some small posts and string twine for the peas to grow up off the ground.  Cover the peas with about an inch of soil and then use the garden rake to lightly tap the ground.  Tapping the ground ensures that the peas are in contact with the moist soil so they can start to grow.



on Saturday, May, 04 2019 @ 03:52:00 am (100 words)
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I have neglected my garden blog.  I haven't stopped gardening but I have negelected my garden blog.  The cold days appear to be well behind us now.  I ventured out to a few plant nurseries and picked up a few annuals for the gardens.  Annuals have become rather expensive.  I need to start sowing my own seeds instead of buying plants.  I am intrested in having a small greenhouse that I can put up in the early part of the year to start my seeds and then take down and store during the summer months when it is not needed.