White Potatoes Crop

on Thursday, August, 18 2016 @ 11:18:00 pm (160 words)
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That is the total of my whtie potatoes crop for this year.  I only planted a short row and I planted them way to late in the season.  I was hoping they would continue to grow until frost but when I visited the garden in the little valley I noticed the vines had died.  This was more of an experiment to see if white potatoes would grow in the little valley.  I had a few potatoes left from a sack of white potatoes I had purchased in the grocer that had sprouted so I decided to try them in the little valley.  The weather has not been very nice this year; I think I will try again next year and get them planted at the proper time.  These potatoes will not go to waste, they will be part of my supper tonight.  The smaller ones will go in the pot whole and the few larger ones will be halved or quartered.

Growing Eggplants

on Friday, August, 12 2016 @ 03:05:00 am (75 words)
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One addition to my veggie garden each year is eggplants.  I grow the large globe eggplants as well as the long skinny eggplants.  Eggplants are very easy to grow; they like a really loamy soil but will also do well is less desirable soils.  Eggplants grow best with a ph between 6.3 and 6.8.  Give the plants plenty of room as they can get quite large.  Keep the soil moist but don't let the soil get waterlogged.

Back Veggie Garden 2016

on Thursday, July, 21 2016 @ 02:46:00 pm (232 words)
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It has been some time since I posted to my gardening blog.  Life has prevented me from posting and I apologise to my readers for my long absense.  The photo above is a shot of the back veggie garden this year.  It has been a disappointing year so far.  We had weeks of rain to deal with that threatened to flood the gardens.  When it was not raining it was overcast and cool.  The bees were affected as well; bees don't tend to forrage when it is pouring down rain.  I have managed to get a few courgette/zucchini but at this time no yellow squash.  The okra is still short and not producing anything.  With the lack of bees, I am getting only a few green beans.  My corn; to the left of the photo above, is stunted and probably won't produce anything.  The only veggies coming out of the garden are tomatoes; they are self polinating.so were not affected by the lack of bees, and eggplant.

Yesterday I went to check on the garden and found several of the early yellow squash plants dead.  I checked and the squash were covered in squash beatles.  I took action against them but I think it is too late.  I think I will sow some seeds and see if I can get some late squash before the frost comes and end the gardening season.