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on Thursday, June, 14 2012 @ 08:34:54 pm (226 words)
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I have been busy the last few days building the stone border alongside the flowerbed that is beside the fence that is alongside the drive. The job involves me taking my little trolley into the woods to gather stones and then haul them back to the garden to build the border. It is not exactly an easy job but it is a job that I have been wanting to do for several years now. It was the only bed in the front garden without a border; although the border for the adjacent bed is not entirely completed.

New Border Along Fence Bed
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The length of the border; the straight part excluding the curve at the end, is a little over 14 meters (47 feet). It takes a lot of stones to build a border that long so it meant a lot of trips to fetch the stones. I am not quite sure how I will do the opposite side of the fence. I may just terminate the curve with a few more stones and just keep the other side trimmed. Or, I may continue the border along the opposite side at a later date. I wanted to finish the garden side because a border gives me a clean look and I can use the string trimmer to keep the grass cut against the border.

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Comment from: mickey [Visitor]
mickeythat looks fine Kimberly a big job, 47ft of rocks takes some work
06/15/12 @ 03:23

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