Planting For Multi-Seasonal Flowers

on Monday, April, 02 2012 @ 06:57:22 pm (147 words)
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When planning what to plant in your beds, it is important to know that some plants only bloom during a certain season while others will bloom through several seasons. Careful planning will ensure that your beds are always full of blooms. For example, if one plants a bed entirely of tulips, the bed will be full of blooms in the spring but will sit empty of blooms during the rest of the growing season. I tuck a few tulip bulbs amongst the plants in each bed to give each bed some spring colour. After the tulips are gone, the other plants in the bed will be producing blooms and the beds are always in colour throughout the season. The same can hold true for autumn; tuck a few late season plants as well so that in the crisp days of autumn your beds are still in bloom.

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jeffSo very beautiful! Your work is incredible!
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