Springtime In March - 2012

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It is March 15 but the daytime temperatures are more like a day in May. For the last few days the mercury has climbed to above 27C (81F). My peach tree and red plum trees are in full bloom. I love when the red plum blooms, the blossoms give off a wonderfully sweet fragrance that fills the air. I just hope there are enough bees out to pollinate the plum. Last year was a disappointment in red plum fruit; just as the tree was in bloom we got a few days of rain and I got only a handful of plums. While red plums have a large stone compared to the meat, it is worth the effort to gather them as they make a wonderful red plum jam.

Peach Blossoms
Peach Blossom
Red Plum Blossom
Red Plum Blossoms

Red plum blossoms are in clusters as can be seen in the photo above. The tree only stays in bloom a short time but is well worth experiencing. The photo is a close up; the blossoms are small. If you click on the images, a larger version will open in a lightbox.

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