Old Seeds

on Sunday, May, 29 2011 @ 01:08:28 pm (150 words)
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I am beginning to suspect the farm centre where I buy my seeds in bulk is selling old seeds; at least the ones they may not sell out of. For two years now I have had problems getting my beets to sprout. Last year I replanted twice (from the same seed pack) and both times I had a very spotty beet row. The same has occurred this year as well. I resowed the row today and will see how they sprout this time; the seeds are from the same farm centre. I know how to grow beets; usually they are nice and thick and I thin the row and use the ones I pull for a salad. Mum and I changed farm centres once before because we noticed they were selling old yellow squash seeds. While seeds can keep for years if properly stored, old seeds can have problems sprouting.

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