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There are a variety of Mandevillas ranging in colours from red to pinks to yellows to white. Only a few of the varieties have been named and I have no idea if mine has a particular name or not. I did a simple search and could not find one with the same colouration as mine with a name. In fact, I could not find a photograph of a Mandevilla with the same colouration at all. A Mandevilla is a climbing vine and favours a warm climate. However, one can do as I have and place it in a pot. When cold weather threatens the plant, you simply cut it back and store it in a place that will not freeze. Some will actually bring the plant into the house to winter over and it will continue to grow and bloom during the winter.

The name of the plant comes from Henry Mandeville, a British diplomat with a fondness for gardening. Mandeville was honored with the Mandevilla vine being named after him and it is assumed that Mandeville discovered the plant while serving as a diplomatic in Argentina.

If you have a sunny place in your gardens, I would suggest including a Mandevilla. The plant blooms all summer long to winter in colder climates and is continuous in warm climates. Since Mandevillas are climbing vines, either a trellis or fence will be needed for the vines to climb on. I have mine beside the side porch railings where the vines climb along the railings. I have not done so yet, but I need to cut the vines back so they will branch more and produce more blooms.


Comment from: Ron [Visitor]
RonWow, these plants make really gorgeous flowers!
10/19/10 @ 19:55
Comment from: kimberly [Member]  
KimmyYes, they are a pretty addition to a garden. In warmer climates they can be planted directly into the ground; in colder climates they have to winter over inside.
10/19/10 @ 20:00

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