Red Plum

on Thursday, July, 08 2010 @ 07:15:05 pm (229 words)
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Red Plum

In my little orchard I have a red plum tree. I am not exactly sure of the cultivar; these are the same plums that grandfather had on his farm. My searches on the internet to try and identify the cultivar have been hampered by poor quality images. When we use to go and visit grandfather, a visit to his plum trees when they were bearing fruit was always on the agenda for us. When grandfather become unable to maintain the trees, it would be a chore to get to the fruit. I would have to push my way through the branches; getting many scratches along the way. However, the reward of sweet ripe plums were worth the effort.

I have been processing my red plums as they ripen. I only have one mature tree and not enough of the fruit ripens at one time for me to make my plum preserves. If not cleared away, the dropped fruit will eventually lead to small trees under the main one. I have already relocated one of them to the edge of the back garden as I have no room in the little orchard. I am considering clearing some trees below the garden in the little valley and transplant some of the small plum trees there to see if I can increase the amount of plums I get each year.


Comment from: Ron [Visitor]
RonYum, looks so delicious! I had home grown this year from two trees but there were not enough all at once with which to make preserves. Many here were lost to squirrels (pesky little robbers!).
07/25/10 @ 23:23
Comment from: kimberly [Member]  
KimmyHi Ron, what I do is to gather and process what I can and freeze them. Then when I have enough, I can make the preserves. I do had to fight the squirrels for the plums; they really love them.
07/25/10 @ 23:30

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