Butternut Squash

on Wednesday, July, 11 2018 @ 06:18:00 am (72 words)
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I do have a few things producing in the garden.  I have some eggplants that are nearing ready and I picked a few cucumbers.  I don't seem to have any cantaloupes; I got the seeds mixed up with cukes so it looks like I will have plenty of cucumbers this year.  I had a few butternut squash to volunteer in the garden and they are further along than the ones I planted.


Fresh Green Beans

on Sunday, July, 08 2018 @ 02:14:00 am (127 words)
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Blue Lake Bush Beans
As luck would have it, I got another flood in the gardens.  My corn and peppers were knocked over as well as part of the okra row.  The squash took a bit of a beating as well.  I went down to the litlte valley to inspect the damage there.  I found that the green beans were in the mud as well as some tomatoes I had planted as an experiment.  I got the tomatoes out of the mud and noticed that I had some green beans ready to be picked.  As I picked the beans I got the plants out of the mud.  The beans should recover without a lot of damaged from the mud.  On another note, my land is feeding me.

A Little Pool

on Wednesday, July, 04 2018 @ 02:31:00 am (209 words)
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My Little Pool
I use to have a little pool with a pump that splashed water into the pool for a nice pleasant water sound.  It was located near the side porch so I could listen to it as I sat on the porch.  I often dine out on the side porch in nice weather.  It is a nice place to sit in the evening enjoying the gardens and watching the hummingbirds feeding on the nectar provided by my flowers.  However, as the Rose of Sharon grew larger they covered my little pool.  A few years ago I removed the pool with the intentions of moving it to a new location; however, I never managed to find the time to build the pool.  This year I determined that it was going to get done and that was the project I focused on today.  I decided to make it an above ground pool and I don't think I like it as well as when it was in-ground.  For now it will do and I can decide next year if I want to redo it and place it in-ground.  It is not quite finished; I have to make the splash thingy to divert the water into the  pool from the pump.