Garden Provided Meal

on Thursday, July, 19 2018 @ 09:32:00 pm (89 words)
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My green beans are producing very well and I even managed to get some black-eyed peas for my evening meal.  The only thing not provided from the land was the chicken breast which came from a local shop.  It was a slow go to getting the garden producing.  I got flooded out just at the time I needed to get things planted.  My okra is still too small  to be producing but it is growing fast.  Some squash is starting to come in as well as a few cucumbers.


Butternut Squash

on Wednesday, July, 11 2018 @ 06:18:00 am (72 words)
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I do have a few things producing in the garden.  I have some eggplants that are nearing ready and I picked a few cucumbers.  I don't seem to have any cantaloupes; I got the seeds mixed up with cukes so it looks like I will have plenty of cucumbers this year.  I had a few butternut squash to volunteer in the garden and they are further along than the ones I planted.


Fresh Green Beans

on Sunday, July, 08 2018 @ 02:14:00 am (127 words)
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Blue Lake Bush Beans
As luck would have it, I got another flood in the gardens.  My corn and peppers were knocked over as well as part of the okra row.  The squash took a bit of a beating as well.  I went down to the litlte valley to inspect the damage there.  I found that the green beans were in the mud as well as some tomatoes I had planted as an experiment.  I got the tomatoes out of the mud and noticed that I had some green beans ready to be picked.  As I picked the beans I got the plants out of the mud.  The beans should recover without a lot of damaged from the mud.  On another note, my land is feeding me.