Butternut Squash

on Wednesday, July, 11 2018 @ 06:18:00 am (72 words)
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I do have a few things producing in the garden.  I have some eggplants that are nearing ready and I picked a few cucumbers.  I don't seem to have any cantaloupes; I got the seeds mixed up with cukes so it looks like I will have plenty of cucumbers… more »

Fresh Green Beans

on Sunday, July, 08 2018 @ 02:14:00 am (127 words)
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  Blue Lake Bush Beans   As luck would have it, I got another flood in the gardens.  My corn and peppers were knocked over as well as part of the okra row.  The squash took a bit of a beating as well.  I went down to the litlte valley to inspect… more »

A Little Pool

on Wednesday, July, 04 2018 @ 02:31:00 am (209 words)
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  My Little Pool   I use to have a little pool with a pump that splashed water into the pool for a nice pleasant water sound.  It was located near the side porch so I could listen to it as I sat on the porch.  I often dine out on the side porch… more »